Attribute modifiers
Strength +1
Learning 0
Willpower 0
Dexterity +4
Toughness 0
Charisma 0
Appearance +1
Mana 0
Perception +3
Total +9

Archers are deadly shots. Although the name of their class seems to imply this, not all of them prefer to use bows. The race of an archer has great influence on their preferred missile weapon. Archers are expert fighters in missile combat, rarely missing their targets and trained to hit the vital spots of their opponents. In close combat, archers are less formidable, although they are still dangerous.

Archers are trained in the following skills: Alertness, Archery, Climbing, Concentration, Dodge, Fletchery, Listening, and Stealth.

At higher levels archers are the most deadly marksmen in all Ancardia.
Level Power
6 Missile attack takes up just 800 energy points.
12 Range for their missile attacks is doubled.
18 Archers are a lot more productive when applying fletchery.
25 Missile attacks cost but 600 energy points.
32 Archers become able to completely dodge enemy missiles.
40 Missile attacks have a 20% chance to penetrate armor.
50 Archers are able to hit several targets with one missile.