Attribute modifiers
Strength +1
Learning +1
Willpower 0
Dexterity +2
Toughness +1
Charisma -2
Appearance 0
Mana 0
Perception +2
Total +5

Assassins are a dark and mysterious class. They are trained to end the life of their opponents quickly and silently. Many of them favor poisons to achieve this goal.

Assassins are trained in the following skills: Alchemy, Alertness, Archery, Backstabbing, Climbing, Detect Traps, Dodge, Find Weakness, Pick Locks, Stealth, and Two Weapon Combat.

At higher levels assassins get a lot more deadly in their trade.
Level Power
6 Assassins can create poison from any potion (except for water and fruit juice).
12 Backstabbing powers get a lot more deadly.
18 The range of their missile attacks is increased by 30%.
25 Chance to score critical hits is increased by 20%.
32 Dodge bonus they gain is doubled.
40 Assassins become immune to poison.
50 Assassins receive a small chance to score instant killing hits. This chance is based upon the level of the target.