Attribute modifiers
Strength +5
Learning -2
Willpower +2
Dexterity +1
Toughness +3
Charisma -1
Appearance -1
Mana -4
Perception +1
Total +4

Barbarians hail from the harsh northern lands of Ancardia, from the roughest mountain peaks, the wildest hills and the most remote forests. What they lack in equipment, they more than equalize with their great strength, enormous toughness and deadly weaponry. Barbarians are very well experienced in the arts of battle and are well prepared to cope with the dangers of the wilderness.

Barbarians are trained in the following skills: Athletics, Climbing, Dodge, First Aid, Herbalism, Stealth, Survival, Swimming, Two Weapon Combat, and Woodcraft.

High-level barbarians are fearsome fighters.

Note that the energy point costs of the mighty and tremendous blow are appropriately modified by the weapon skill of your melee weapon.

  • Keep in mind that barbarians are by default illiterate and cannot use scrolls, spellbooks, or the bridge building manual.
Level Power
6 Barbarians learn to deliver mighty blows that cause double damage (for the cost of 2500 energy points).
12 Moving costs only 750 energy points.
18 Can deliver tremendous blows that cause triple damage (for the cost of 4000 energy points).
25 Barbarians start to gain +1d4 additional hit points per level.
32 Barbarians gain a one-time bonus of +3 to strength and toughness.
40 Barbarians gain a +10 damage bonus with each melee attack when fighting as a true berserker (which basically means that they have to fight naked, e.g. without any armor, and switching the tactics rating to the appropriate setting).
50 Melee attacks take up but 800 energy points when fighting as a true berserker. IMPORTANT: Note that both the mighty and the tremendous blow count only for the first blow, even if the character is delivering a series of blows (because he wields more than one weapon, etc.).