Blup is a baby blue dragon who has lost his mommy. He can be found in Terinyo.

Carrot JuiceEdit

If you keep giving Blup enough potions of carrot juice he will eventually teach you the talent Swimming. This can be very useful for traversing rivers and even helping you find Blup's mommy. The actual amount of carrot juice's is unconfirmed.


Blup can become hostile if attacked or if an 'alarm is sounded' due to you openly attacking a townsfolk or getting caught attempting to pick pocket a townsfolk. This can be very deadly for low level characters because Blup is treated purely as a baby dragon for attack pureposes and thus has a very strong magical breath attack (water based).

Blup's mommy QuestEdit

Different NPCs in Terinyo including Blup will give the PC hints telling you to find Blup's mommy, but they don't tell you where. Blup's mommy is the great water dragon, she is hidden in the underwater cave northwest of Terinyo. You must swim in and search to find the cave. After 'C'hatting with Blup's mommy you can return to Blup to tell him where she is. After Blup flies off to his mommy you will eventually be sent a runed trident. A fairly strong artifact weapon especially for beginning characters. The item being sent this way can take a few weeks in game time.