Cute Dog (Unknown)
Location Puppy Cave
Race Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Starting Level Unknown
Initially hostile? No
Unique? Yes
Sees invisible? Unknown
Sees in the dark? Unknown

The Cute Dog is a unique monster found on the bottom level of the Puppy Cave, which can only be found if the player has received the Rescue the Cute Dog quest from the Tiny Girl.

If the player reaches the bottom level before 4 ingame days have passed, the Cute Dog will be generated as a tame pet, which will follow the player around and help you fight monsters. However, if it takes more then 4 days to reach the bottom of the cave, then the cute dog will not be generated; instead you will find a Cute Dog Corpse somewhere on the level.

If you return the dog to Terinyo alive, you will receive an alignment boost and the ability to randomly receive a Piece of Candy by talking to the Tiny Girl. Note that when you enter Terinyo, the dog will stop following you and instead follow the Tiny Girl around.