Demented Ratling (Unknown)
Location Dwarftown
Race Ratling
Alignment Chaotic
Starting Level Unknown
Initially hostile? No
Unique? Yes
Sees invisible? Unknown
Sees in the dark? Unknown

The Demented Ratling can be found in Dwarftown, which is on level ten or eleven of the Caverns of Chaos. He is extremely important to players attempting an Ultra Ending, as he is the only NPC that can reveal the secret of the Stone Circle, which is the only place to find the Crown of Chaos.

In order to receive the secret to entering the Stone Circle, the player must give the Demented Ratling six artifacts.

While any six artifacts may be used, there are a small number of useless or close-to-useless artifacts that experienced players call "ratling fodder". These include the Black Torc you receive from killing Keethrax, and the Phial of Caladriel that can be found in the Gremlin Cave.