Starting attributes
Strength 13
Learning 10
Willpower 12
Dexterity 9
Toughness 13
Charisma 10
Appearance 8
Mana 10
Perception 9
Total + 4

Drakelings are humanoid lizard-like creatures about six feet tall. They weigh 150 to 200 pounds and are covered with blue or green scales. They speak with a hissing accent and normally wear few clothes (besides their armor and weapons).

Drakelings are able to spit a powerful acid at enemies, although this fatigues them.

The origins of the Drakeling race are hidden in a past long forgotten. They reappeared some years ago and quickly spread across the continent. Sages believe that they remained for many centuries in a kind of hibernation which only recently ended.

Drakelings are good at everything. They are very deadly shots with a weapon unique to their race, the drakish scurgar.

Drakelings are cold-blooded creatures. Therefore, extreme temperatures influence them: when it gets cold, they slow down. On the other hand, great heat is beneficial for them as it speeds up their reflexes.

Their breath weapon causes {x}d6+{y} points of damage. {x} is equal to the maximum of 2 and the current PC level divided by 3. {y} is equal to the PC level divided by 2.

Drakelings train in the following skills: Alertness, Food Preservation, Music and Swimming.