Attribute modifiers
Strength 0
Learning +1
Willpower 0
Dexterity 0
Toughness +2
Charisma 0
Appearance 0
Mana +2
Perception +1
Total + 6

Druids are nature priests. They worship the Old Gods and regard all nature as a holy thing to worship and protect. Their specialty are spells of nature and protection. It is said that no animal will willingly harm a druid.

Druids are trained in the following skills: Climbing, Concentration, First Aid, Gardening, Healing, Herbalism, Listening, Literacy, Survival, Swimming, and Woodcraft.

At higher levels, druids become extremely attuned to nature itself.
Level Power
6 Druis learn to evade wilderness encounters whenever they choose to do so.
12 Druids regenerate power points twice as fast as usual while in the wilderness.
18 Druids become immune to all weather effects.
25 Druids are able to summon 1d3 major animals as servants at the cost of 1d3 mana points (an almost permanent loss, as it only regenerates after a very long period of time).
32 Druids regenerate hit points twice as fast as usual while in the wilderness.
40 Druids become immune to lightning.
50 Druids suffer 10% less corruption from all such attacks due to their close connection to nature.