Some or all of the following features may randomly be found in dungeons across the Drakalor Chain. The appearance of any of these is, in most cases, completely random, however there are some guaranteed features in certain dungeons.


See main article: Shops.

Shops come in many shapes and sizes. They can be specialist shops, selling and buying only one particular class of item (EG a Spellbook shop or a Food shop), or they can be miscellaneous shops which will buy and sell any type of item. There are five guaranteed shops in the game:


See main article: Alters.

There are three types of altar: Lawful, neutral, and chaotic. They can be used to sacrifice items and monsters to the Gods.

There is a guaranteed alter in Dwarftown.


See main article: Pools.

Pools are either very good or very bad, depending on your luck. They can be drunk from, with results varying from a Wish to being Cursed and Doomed.

There are around six guaranteed pools in Darkforge.


See main article: Herbs.

Herb bushes can be a great boon to players, especially at lower levels. There are both beneficial and harmful herbs, which can feed you, starve you, train your stats, or abuse your stats. It is strongly advised to not eat herbs you don't know the effect of.

There is only one dungeon level which is guaranteed to have herb bushes: the Big Room in the Caverns of Chaos.

Ant NestsEdit

See main article: Ant Nests.

Ant nests will at random intervals produce various Giant Ant Workers and Giant Ant Warriors. After producing a certain number of these, it will generate a Giant Ant Queen. At higher levels, ants are close to harmless, however for newer characters it is advised to avoid them where possible.

There is a guaranteed Ant Nest on level 2 of the Puppy Cave.


See main article: Beehives.

Beehives, like ant nests, will produce a certain number of creatures at random intervals.

There is guaranteed to be at least one beehive in the Caverns of Chaos, somewhere before the Banshee Level.

Cavernous LevelsEdit

See main article: Cavernous Levels.

Not to be mistaken with the Big Room.

Cavernous levels are exactly what the name implies: levels with very little in the way of passages, and much bigger and odd-shaped rooms then usual.

There is one guaranteed cavernous level in the game, level five of the Puppy Cave.

Lesser/Greater VaultsEdit

See main article: Vaults

Vaults come in two main sizes: Lesser and Greater Vaults. A typical lesser vault takes up around quarter of a map level, while a greater vault takes up around half the level. The vault will be filled with many creatures, all of similar types (EG one vault might be filled with different types of Ogres, while another might be filled with undead). Greater Vaults are extremely dangerous, even to high level players. A Greater Vault filled with Greater Undead can be an extreme hazard, even to game-winning level 50 players.

There is one guaranteed lesser vault on level six of the Puppy Cave.

There are no guaranteed greater vaults in the game.


See main article: Rivers.

Rivers are bodies of water that completely cross a dungeon level from one side to the other, either from top-to-bottom or side-to-side. There are several ways to get over a river:

  • Swim across (requires the Swimming skill, some means of protecting your inventory from rust is recommended).
  • Build a bridge (requires the Bridge Building skill, and some Logs.
  • Teleport across (requires a means of teleportation).
  • Jump in and try wade across. This is the extremely dangerous, as you will take large damage every turn while in the river if you cannot swim.
  • Use the Frost Bolt spell or a Wand of Cold to freeze the river. Note that any ice bridges will collapse if you attempt to cross while carrying more then 2000s of items.

Tension RoomsEdit

See main article: Tension Rooms.

Tension rooms are small (typically around 3x5 squares) rooms filled with monsters. They can either be filled with one type of monster (EG, Hill Giants, or they can be mixed with many differen types of monster.

While on a level with an unopened tension room, the message "You sense a certain tension!" will randomly be generated.