Starting attributes
Strength 12
Learning 11
Willpower 11
Dexterity 9
Toughness 13
Charisma 9
Appearance 9
Mana 10
Perception 11
Total + 5

Dwarves are a small, hardy and taciturn race. They barely grow to be four and a half feet. Their body is stocky and their endurance is legendary. Dwarves are especially proud of their long beards and their great craftsmanship with metals. The dwarven race has spawned the greatest of all smiths. Their skill in forging weapons and armor is unsurpassed, as is their greed for gold. They are able warriors, brave to a fault, have an excellent sight in the underground and are experts at detecting secret doors and traps.

Dwarves train in the following skills: Climbing, Detect Traps, Metallurgy, Mining, and Smithing.