Dwarftown is located around level ten or eleven of the Caverns of Chaos. It is one of the only "safe zones" in the CoC, and many players use it as a base of operations for most of the game. No hostile monsters are ever generated in Dwarftown, except during one particular quest.

Main FeaturesEdit

Dwarftown features a miscellaneous items shop owned by Waldenbrook, a forge owned by Glod, and an alter, which is looked after by the priest Ruun, who is always the same race as the player. If the player is Lawful, then the alter will be generated as a lawful alter. If the player is Neutral or Chaotic, the alter will be neutral.


There are a number of important NPCs residing is Dwarftown, as well as a few less important ones. Note that attacking any resident of dwarftown will cause Muscular Dwarves to be summoned in great numbers, meaning it is a very bad idea to anger these dwarves unless you know exactly what you are doing.


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Thrundar the Ancient Dwarf is the Elder of Dwarftown, and the assigner of seven different quests. He is the only NPC in the game that gives you the ability to type what you want to say to him.

He has six quests available in sequence, one after the other. He also has a quest to Put Griff Bloodaxe to rest, the reward for doing so is that Thrundarr will unlock the lower section of the CoC for the player to explore.

It should be noted that is it not strictly necessary to do the Portal Quest in order to advance. There are ways to remove Thrundarr from where he is standing, meaning the player can "H"andle the Portal Lever themselves (which will open the lower part of the CoC).


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Garth is the Weaponmaster of the dwarves. He is able to train all the players' stats, except Appearance and Mana, in return for handsome sums of gold.

Dwarven MysticEdit

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The Dwarven Mystic can be found in a 2x2 square room with no entrance. The only way in is through teleporting, be it from a spell or wand.

When "C"hatted to, he will give Neutral or Lawful players an item before teleporting away. He refuses to give any item to Chaotics.

Demented RatlingEdit

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The Demented Ratling is extremely important to players attempting an Ultra Ending, as he is the only NPC that can reveal the secret of the Stone Circle, which is the only place to find the Crown of Chaos.

Bart the Grizzled GladiatorEdit

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Bart is an old ex-gladiator whos' fighting days are behind him. He now spends all his time in the Dwarftown pub, drinking and talking of better times.

He will teach the player the Tactics skill in return for the Golden Gladius.

Torgall the Dwarven InnkeeperEdit

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Torgall is the innkeeper of the Green Griffon inn. In return for a gold piece, he will sell the player a drink along with a helpful hint (as can be found in Fortune Cookies.

Dwarven Elite GuardiansEdit

Two Dwarven Elite Guardians stand guard outside Thrundarrs' house. They are extremely strong, and are not to be taken lightly.


Dwarftown also features many Dwarves (both male and female), Dwarven Children, and Dwarven Guardians, all roaming the city at random. Unless the city comes under threat, they will all simply roam around at random.