An elementalist in general is a type of mage that specializes in a particular element of nature. You could call them a conjurer, but that would be too broad. So, technically, an elementalist is a sub-class of a conjurer. Of course the conjurer class is not a class available on ADOM, but that's not my point. There are four types of elementalists: air elementalists,fire,water, and earth elementalists.

Elementalists do not have to read spellbooks to recieve spells that they can cast, instead they have certain spells naturally and gain more as they level up. The amount of these spells they can cast resets (and increases) after every level gain.

Attribute modifiers
Strength -1
Learning +2
Willpower +1
Dexterity +1
Toughness 0
Charisma -2
Appearance -1
Mana +2
Perception 0
Total + 2
Level Power
6 Fire resistant.
12 Shock resistant.
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25 {{{p4}}}
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40 {{{p6}}}
50 {{{p7}}}

Elemental Spells
Burning Hands / Frost Bolt
Fire Bolt / Fireball