Starting attributes
Strength 9
Learning 11
Willpower 9
Dexterity 12
Toughness 11
Charisma 12
Appearance 10
Mana 14
Perception 11
Total + 9

Gnomes are the smaller cousins of dwarves. They live in rolling hills and wooded valleys. They are great connoisseurs of gems and the best gem carvers known in the whole world. Gnomes are famous for their very black humor and their great magical skills. They are about four feet high and not so stocky as dwarves. They groom their beards very well, although they generally favor short cropped beards. Gnomes are great leather workers and gnomish boots are a quality product every race greatly enjoys (except trolls and maybe hurthlings). Their greatest enemies are the kobolds living in the tunnels below the mountains. They normally attack each other on sight. Gnomes are excellent crossbowmen who prefer to utilize light crossbows for ranged attacks.

Gnomes train in the following skills: Gemology, Listening, Mining, Pick Pockets, and Ventriloquism.