Kill Kranach is a quest given to the player by Tywat Pare, sheriff of Terinyo.

Quest RequirementsEdit

This quest is only available until experience level six, at which point Kranach and his gang will flee the area in fear. Note that for some races, the experience cap may be higher and for others it may be lower, EG Trolls are likely to only have until experience level five to find and kill Kranach.

Description and walkthroughEdit

After receiving the quest from Tywat, you must leave Terinyo (it is recommended you stock up on supplies beforehand), and wander the wilderness around the town until you randomly come across Kranach and his gang of roving raiders. As this is a random encounter, it may take some considerable time.

Once you encounter Kranach, you must dispatch him. Note that it is not required to kill his gang, although this may be necessary in order to survive. After you have killed Kranach, you are free to flee the scene if you feel like you may be overpowered by his gang.


When you talk to Tywat after killing Kranach, he will give you 3000 gp as a reward. You can then give him Kranach's corpse for an extra 300, if you do this then whenever you enter Munxips' shop, you will receive the message "A mummified head hangs over the doorway".