Lawenilothehl is an outlaw settlement in the eastern half of the Wilderness. It is home to many dangerous types, many of whom will attack the player with no warning.

Main FeaturesEdit

One of the first buildings you will see upon entering Laweniothehl is Barnabas' Black Market store. Barnabas is an Orc who, while he has a wide variety of stock, also has outrageous prices.

To the north of the Black Market is an unassuming building housing the Master Thief Yerguis, leader of the Thieves Guild.


Also in Lawenilothehl is Hotzenplotz the crime lord, who lives with his two Half-Orc Bouncers, Grunge and Munge.

Wandering the town are many Beggars, who in return for around 50 gps will give the player a Potion of Booze.

If you look hard enough, you may find Skriek the cloaked ratling hiding in a back alley. He has a variety of keys for sale, but like Barnabas his prices are quite outrageous to say the least.

You don't need to look hard to find an abundance of Outlaws, Outlaw Leaders, Bandits, Muggers and Cutpurses. They're all straight in front of you, charging in for the kill.

Except the Assassins, who're sneaking up behind you with a poisoned blade. You might not see them until it's too late...

If you aren't already running for the hills, you might notice the lake on the eastern side of town, and on its far side a small hut with a solitary figure inside... Meet Kranf Niest, the mad doctor. Stick around any longer, and you might become an unwilling volunteer in one of his "experiments"...

Quests Edit

At a certain experience level, Hotzenplotz will ask you to kill Tywat Pare, the sheriff of Terinyo, for which he will reward you with an Amulet of Chaos. Hotzenplotz also offers another quest, assuming you have taken the "Save Yriggs" quest from Rynt in Terinyo. If that is the case, then he will ask you to kill Jharod the healer, who can be found in the Village Dungeon. If you do this, he will arrange for Kranf Neist to teach you the Healing skill.


Lawenilothehl is an anagram for "Hole in the wall", an Americanism for a shady place.