Potion of Booze (!)
Item Type Potion
Weight 4s
Artifact? No

Potions of Booze are exactly what the name implies - easy ways to get drunk.


Potions of Booze have two main uses:

  • Swapping with Yggaz in return for a random Potion, and
  • Pouring over wands to recharge them.

Those two factors make Potions of Booze extremely useful to keep around.

Guaranteed/Common SourcesEdit

As with most items, they can be found randomly in dungeons, found as monster drops, found in Miscellaneous and Potion shops, or received upon starting the game (if you are the right Class, for example a Merchant who specializes in potions.

You can also give Beggars around 50 gp, in return for your kindness they will drop a potion of booze.