Save the Village Carpenter is a quest given to the player by Rynt.

Quest RequirementsEdit

This quest is mutually exclusive with Guth'Alaks' quest to Kill Keethrax. If you take one of the two, you will not be able to take the other.

Description and walkthroughEdit

After receiving the quest, the player must go to the Village Dungeon, south-east of Terinyo. There, he must find and either save or kill Yrrigs, who has been corrupted by the powers of chaos and has gone insane.

The second option is easier. Simply descend to the bottom level of the dungeon (VD:7), find Yrrigs, and kill him in your preferred manner. He is not easy to kill for a lower level character, but if you've spent a bit of time exploring each level of the dungeon and gaining experience, it should be possible.

If you choose to save him, you must lure him back to around level four of the dungeon, where there is a healer named Jharod. Simply get Yriggs to stand next Jharrod, and he will be healed and depart for the village. However, this option is not as easy as it sounds. Unless the player is extremely fast, Yrrigs is quite likely to do a large amount of damage to them on the trip. This can be countered but not removed by wielding two shields and setting your tactics setting to Coward. Also, it is worth mentioning that the player may encounter other hostile creatures on the way back, blocking the way. If that happens, you will need to either out-manouver them (if they are in a room) or kill them (if they are in a tunnel). Remember that while you are killing any monsters on the way back, Yrrigs will be behind you pummeling you to death.


If you save Yrrigs, there are many rewards.

  • He will leave you a Manual of Bridge Building and a Hatchet when he is cured.
  • Jharod will be willing to teach Neutral or Lawful players the Healing skill, if they do not already know it. If they do know it, he will improve their knowledge of it. If they already have a skill level of 100, he will give them some equipment, which appears to vary from player to player and class to class.
  • When you return to the village and talk to Rynt, he will ask Munxip the Merchant to lower his prices.
  • Yrrigs will be available in the village to teach the player Bridge Building.