Terinyo is a small hamlet in Adom, commonly the first place new players will visit in their adventure. It is strongly advised that you do not attack any of the residents of Terinyo, as this WILL lead to your death unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Main FeaturesEdit

Terinyo and its inhabitants are the source of many early-game quests in Adom, and this tiny town provides a place for adventurers to rest and restock their supplies safely. It features the first guaranteed shop in the game, "Munxip's Magnificent Munchies Mall", owned by, surprisingly, someone named Munxip. It sells mostly Large Rations, although Iron Rations and other food items are also fairly commonly generated.


It is home to several important quest-givers, including Tywat Pare the sheriff, Rynt the village elder, Guth'Alak the druid and the Tiny Girl.

Terinyo has many other colourful residents, including Blup the Baby Water Dragon, Yggaz the fool, many Farmers, Goodwives, and Children.


The following quests can be started in Terinyo:

Tywat Pare the sheriff offers two quests in the early game. The first generally is available until experience level 6, in which you have to Kill Kranach the Raider Lord, who can be found randomly in wilderness encounters. Tywat Pare's second quest is available from level 10 onwards. If you talk to him after you are level 10, he will ask you to Kill Hotzenplotz the Crime Lord, who can be found in the nearby outlaw settlement of Lawenilothehl.

The Village Elder and Druid have two mutually exclusive quests. The elder asks you to Save Yriggs the carpenter, who went out exploring a dungeon to the south-east of the village and hasn't been seen since. Guth'Alak the druid asks you to find and kill his evil counterpart, Keethrax, who is found in another dungeon to the southeast of Terinyo. Note that the two dungeons cannot be found or entered unless you have received the related quest.

Later in the game, at experience level 30, Guth'Alak offers another quest (which does not require the player to have done his earlier quest). In it, the player is asked to find and help the Greater White Unicorn, Yrruir.

While in Terinyo, you may come upon a Tiny Girl who has lost her beloved Cute Dog, which ran into a cave to the north-east. Many players avoid this quest due to the high level of danger encountered while rescuing the dog, compounded by the almost non-existent rewards (a boost to your alignment and occasional pieces of Candy if you talk to the Tiny Girl after reuniting her with her canine friend).

Finally, while not given as a quest in the ingame quest list, it is generally accepted that Blup the Baby Water Dragons' request for you to find his mother is a quest.