Wizards are the ultimate magic class. As they level up, casting spells gets cheaper. They also learn spells much better than any other class. Although wizards are normally physically weaker than any other class, their strong magic more than makes up for that. It takes wizards longer to earn weapon experience points, but it is still easier for a wizard to learn to use a weapon well than for a warrior to learn and use a spell. The one disadvantage is that magic rays bounce off walls so beginner wizards have to be carefull where they aim (and more leveled-up wizards too).

Attribute modifiers
Strength -2
Learning +3
Willpower +3
Dexterity +1
Toughness -1
Charisma +2
Appearance 0
Mana +3
Perception +1
Total +10
Level Power
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12 {{{p2}}}
18 {{{p3}}}
25 {{{p4}}}
32 {{{p5}}}
40 {{{p6}}}
50 {{{p7}}}